A Condom Cookbook Exists

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Author: Chris Durso


To raise condom awareness in Japan, and help make your meals a bit more phallic, there’s Condom Meals I Want to Make for You.

The cookbook, brought to us by Japanese authors Kyosuke Kagami and Opanpon, uses condoms as a cooking vessel — thankfully not as an actual ingredient.

Simply slide your ingredients into a prophylactic, and you’ll start making your dinner guests uncomfortable in no time. But at least you know they’ll be encouraged to practice safe sex in your coat closet.




[link, via Spoon & Tamago]

‘Human Burgers’ Made For Walking Dead Premiere

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Author: Chris Durso


To help celebrate the upcoming premiere of The Walking Dead, and to give an idea of what human flesh tastes like, Miss Cakehead and London Mess have teamed up to bring us Human Burgers.

The meat mix — consisting of veal, beef, pork, chicken liver and bone marrow — was inspired by the town of Terminus and its implied cannibalistic residents.

The recipe was constructed using descriptions of the taste of human by author William Seabrook — who experimented with cannibalism in West Africa.




[link, via designtaxi]

NYC Youngins Come Out to Play at NYFW…

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Author: Fashion By He

Background here, these girls showed up both Friday and Saturday to NYFW to get their picture taken. Obvious young NYC girls looking to get some fame and their picture taken, that’s fine, you see and read about all this NYFW crap and if you are a teenager in the city why wouldn’t you give it a shot. He doesn’t want to hate because they both looked good and dressed well both days. Super high heels too, especially for a tall girl, props.

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