He Caught This HottHe on the Streets of Soho Again!

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Author: Fashion By He

Ashley is Back! Last time He found her in Soho in jean overalls, well He found her yet again. AShley is quickly becoming a FbyHe Regular, her she is again with of course another hat on. Does this girl ever not look good? Love her style…

A Chocolate Bathroom Could Be Yours If You Can’t Spell

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Author: Chris Durso


Why anyone would want a chocolate bathroom suite is beyond us. But, apparently there’s a demand for them… sort of.

Attempting to take advantage of millions of misspelled internet searches for “bathroom sweets” instead of “bathroom suites,” Choccywoccydoodah and Bathrooms.com have teamed up to bring us a complete chocolate bathroom set.

Each fixture is made from the finest Belgian chocolate, and available individually, or as a set. But, more than anything, it’s merely a clever way of Bathrooms.com to capitalize on a few million unfortunate spelling mistakes.

Now… Do we even need to get into why a chocolate toilet is wrong?





[link, via Lost At E Minor]

Baking is Gangsta With Rapper Cookie Stamps

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Author: Chris Durso


Nothing says ‘gangsta’ quite like a nice warm batch of cookies. So, Baking With My Homies Cookie Stamps make total sense. Whether you’re East coast, West Coast, or anywhere in between — you’ll be a hit with the kids, and at the next bake sale.

Pay homage to a few fallen hip-hoppers with 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, or Eazy-E cookies. Make these your Christmas cookies and you’ll really earn some street cred this holiday.

Baking With My Homies come in a set of three. They’re available for pre-order at The Foodiggity Shop. [$9.99]

la1416_bakingwithmyhomies_1 la1416_bakingwithmyhomies_2[pre-order]

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