Everyday Objects and Food Used To Recreate Everyday Objects and Food

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Author: Chris Durso


Creative director Dudi Ben Simon brings us a series of optical illusions using everyday objects and food items — coincidentally to recreate everyday objects and food items. How creatively meta.

See more of Simon’s great photography work over at Instagram.





[via Fubiz]

Fashion by She: Minimale Animale Miami Swim Week Review

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Author: Fashion By He


Oh Miami… She really couldn’t think of a better city to host fashion week swim- the sun, the beach, the parties… Pretty sure every Pitbull song out there captures it. Knowing all of you fashionistas probably kept up with the different shows this week, She thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about some of the best and the worst aspects of #MBFWS.
Let’s talk about She’s fav swim brand- Minimale Animale. It was nice to see they stuck to what they do best- mesh fabrications, leather and lots of original cutouts. She also loved the color story- bold, simple and sophisticated. This is exactly what a top swimwear brand looks like.
The runway was a little different than expected… Not sure about the helmets all the models wore… Weird attempt at creating the bad- girl vibe?
Another thing that stood out was how LITTLE fabric the bottoms were made of. Minimale has always been on the sexy side, but this show gave “out there” a whole new definition.
Nonetheless, loved the collection, will forever and always be a fan of minimale and their models…
Which style was your fav?

Dunkin’ Donuts Shark Week Donut Is A Lifesaver

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Author: Chris Durso


A wise man once said, “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” So, we can only assume that this should apply to our donut consumption.

Luckily, Dunkin’ Donuts is in on the celebration with the Shark Bite Donut. Made to look like a life preserver, Dunkin’ is rolling out the life savers to celebrate the best of all weeks — encouraging people to “take a bite” and post a selfie in the act.

BtqVmVbCEAEyBQL[link, via AdWeek]

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