The Burrito Costume Is A Delicious Disguise

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Author: Chris Durso


San Francisco artist Lauren O. Venell, who recently encouraged us to snuggle up to a giant burrito, now wants to BE the burrito.

The Bold Burrito costume was made for a video series for Bold Italic. It sees Lauren wearing the handmade burrito costume, roaming the city and doing people things. I think if she had gone to Chipotle dressed like that, she could’ve gotten free chips and guac… not sure.



[link, via BoingBoing]

Ever Wonder How Cold NYC Got This Winter?

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Author: Fashion By He

Yup that’s about right

This Mattress Made of Gummy Bears Will Make Your Dreams Come True

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Author: Chris Durso


If you’re looking for the most colorful and gelatinous night of sleep available, you might consider something like The Gummy Bear Mattress.

Created with just over 26,000 gummy bears, the mattress cover was created by Hissa Igrashi. It was commissioned by Craig’s Beds to promote their Summerfield Mattress. Sweet dreams.





[link, via designtaxi]

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